When a system becomes over diversified it shows the seeds of its own destruction. That is what is happening to our societies. System collapse. Like a game of kerplunk where too many of the straws are removed. Eventually the structure becomes unstable. Then there are desperate attempts to plug the gaps until there is overstretch and collapse.B8A33619-F23E-4DC9-8903-B3FB761F60EF


    1. Hi Hannah. Yeah I did originally mean ‘sow the seeds’ but I liked the mistake. Like it’s visible that the system is going down.

      In a way I am not convinced the system is going down. Maybe it’s just morphing into something more resilient. At a lower developmental level in some ways (humane values being eroded) but more sophisticated in others (high-tech, bio-engineering, geo-engineering).

      Thanks for the comments.


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