How educating yourself about issues can sometimes leave you more ignorant and confused than before…


I just read an article by a blogger about the Lancet medical journal’s stance on meat eating. It contained some interesting avenues about health such as the concept of metabolic health which I found intruiging. I thought I might look further into it.

Then I thought no! 

I think in so many circumstances educating ourselves about issues can lead us down chicanes, dead ends and blind alleys.

I think back to the time I was involved in the harm reduction movement for mental health. I supposedly ‘educated’ myself about all the issues, read books, watched you tube videos, had coaching sessions, attended events (Invested a lot of time, money and emotional energy). I was convinced the psychiatric medication was an evil and needed to be replaced with yoga, feng shui and herbs (pronounced in that annoying American way ‘erbs’) which I think is actually the subtext of harm reduction kickass gurus. What a mistake all that turned out to be!

When I eventually faced a crisis I reverted back to psych meds because they were the only thing that worked. In fact if I hadn’t been so infatuated with the premises of harm reduction I might have turned to conventional medicine earlier before more damage was done.

I’m not blaming harm reduction per se. Just that it didn’t work for me at that time. If I hadn’t gone on a huge mission to read, watch, like and post about every aspect of harm reduction. If I hadn’t been so blinkered. I could have sought more appropriate help more easily.

I think particularly with health issues when we get obsessed with any one modality it can suck us down a blind alley. It’s difficult because I think whilst I would advocate everyone trusts a licensed medical professional there are valid criticisms to be made of allopathic (conventional) medicine. 

I just think using our will power to go on a huge reading or research spree about a particular topic will not necessarily bring us any greater illumination. 

It might be that it’s me. Maybe the way I am going about researching things is vague or one sided. There probably are ways to arm yourself with information that bring more enlightenment. 

I can’t help thinking that often people (including me) seek information that confirms their own prejudices and just end up going down certain chicanes. It’s maddening because there is a lot to critique in conventional medicine but if anything alternative and complimentary medicine are even more flaky. And that’s just medical issues. I think there is the adage that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Maybe I’m overthinking again. 


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